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The team at The Optimist is peerless, having held positions in kitchens, bars and hospitality all over the world for many years. The team comes together at The Optimist to bring guests the ultimate dining experience. Expect great food, great drinks and exceptional service.

Víctor Caballé Molina

Executive Chef

Celebrated Chef Víctor Caballé Molina was brought up in the hospitality trade, his passion for cooking ignited at a young age while working summers for his family friend’s bakery in the small village of Ulldecona, Spain. From there, he ventured to Barcelona to obtain his Diploma in Culinary Arts, learning classic Catalan and Spanish cuisines while working for esteemed local restaurants.

Chef Víctor then moved to London, UK, where he soon had the opportunity to work for some of the world’s finest restaurants, including Fino and Quo Vadis, under the tutelage of critically acclaimed Chef Jean Phillipe Patruno. After six years Asia then came calling, and off to Singapore Victor went, leading kitchens at a variety or restaurants and hospitality groups throughout Singapore.

During all this time, travel has been a consistent and keen interest, one that has broadened Víctor’s culinary horizons and skill set the further he goes throughout Latin America and Asia.  In addition to his extensive experience in Catalan, Spanish, French, British and Mexican cuisines, Víctor has developed a deep affinity for Japanese cooking and culture, as seen in his collection of handmade Japanese knives.

Chef Víctor’s cuisine offers modern twists on old classics and showcases globally minded Spanish cooking at its finest. He now joins the Pirata Group team as the Executive Chef of The Optimist, a restaurant in Hong Kong that showcases Northern Spanish cuisine.

Daniel Piccoli

General Manager

Passionate about hospitality from a young age, General Manager Daniel Piccoli is keen to develop and offer exceptional new dining experience to all Pirata  guests. Born and raised in Piemonte, he started travelling soon after his graduation from The Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland to gain experience in hotels and restaurants around the world. 

Daniel’s career has included working with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts across four countries from North America to Asia, and has included serving alongside renowned Michelin stars chefs through which he has had the opportunity to learn a melting pot of new cuisines and cultures. His passion on take new challenges and explore the industry led him to experience the fine dining world whilst opening restaurants in Vietnam with the 3 star Michelin chefs Pourcel brothers. His last adventure before moving to Hong Kong was in Bali working for the Jumeriah Group and Hotel. Daniel he is super excited to lead the Pirata Group Flagship brands to success, always with passion, a bit of fun, and a high level of professionalism.


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